Evolution in a Nutshell
Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 1:29 pm by Alex

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After reading a brilliant article that mixed the perfect blend of commentary, reporting, and critique, I was compelled to express my thoughts, spread my own word, and honestly… just have a dialogue.


The original article can be found here:


So compelled to connect to the author Karina Longworth (@KarinaLongworth) I wrote this:

To Karina Longwood:


Your recent article “Kevin Smith: ‘I Am So, Like, Sick of Movies and Shit'” was perfectly written, delivered, commented, and reflected upon by you as a journalist, as well as me a reader, and filmmaker.

I am sure you’re getting a swath of usual ‘I love Kevin Smith’ emails, if not the plethora of ‘Kevin Smith is the reason why I want to make films’ letters, but frankly, he represents a dying breed, and, optimistically, an evolution of the ‘indie’ filmmaking that we romanticize in the 90’s.

I happen to have stumbled upon the legacy of Clerks and it’s social success, after making several short films fueled by other, more retro indie filmmaker, Sam Raimi and his Evil Dead. Anywho, as a student of a renowned Engineering School, the formula and pragmatic nature of Clerks had its immediate impact and I began to replicate what I thought was the standardized ‘norm’ for filmmaking in 2008. Only until I won “Best Feature” & “Funniest Flick” at a film festival, did I go back and realize I had a very similar experience to Kevin Smith and his own ‘Slacker’ influence (to quote: If this counts, I can do this). Unfortunately, too little, too late, but luckily not a financial burden (my feature film cost $150 to make… a direct proportion to the changing times of the early 90’s) the film didn’t ‘solve all my problems’ I was in pursuit of the next project, looking to entertain and captivate an audience, producing an 11 episode “web series” .. a strange term for 2009. It was the prequel to the film that was in festival circuits (www.SomethingRemote.com) and filmed on a proportionally smaller budget than the film.

Now while I am in no means saying “I’m Kevin Smith of 2008 .. in different proportions!” it got me thinking about the up coming birth of a new age. Keeping an eye on the mainstream, Mr. Smith has done the unthinkable and ‘derailed’ his mass-dominated success in the ‘industry’ we all have come to idolize and worship. Yet, this comes at such a good time with the benefit of this new-fangled technology called – “The Internet”. Harboring and catering to his almost two decade growing audience, his similarities to Sheen and other ‘indie’ mainstream artists is staggering (Hell, Tom Hanks has a twitter…) and it just makes sense… why play by the MLB rules when you can fill Fenway with your own stickball gathering?

It made me realize that new pockets of success are going to crop up, more intimate and creative individuals are going to rise to levels of popularity proportionally to their own ability and resources. We only hear about Goliath’s like Smith because that’s what we’ve been fed: Mainstream news and topics. So how does someone like me make an effort to do what I want to do? If 20 year old Goliath took 4 years to get 4 million, baby David must not even hold his cup out for some change…

Yet that doesn’t stop me. I took to heart Smith’s use of technology, starting a weekly podcast I host each week at OpenLoungeCast.com building what I call “future value”, who wouldn’t want to hear Smith’s 24 year old self if he was smart enough, or capable enough to pull it off, not to mention I’ve launched a podcast network to harbor other ‘new media’ entertainment and have drafted a business plan for my next larger, New 90’s production: A web series.

I personally believe your article has captured the essence and change of an evolving entertainment medium and in order to truly see the scope of change, I wanted to reach out to you. I wanted to let you know that people like me are working very hard to make entertainment of the future. Not re-create the past (Which arguably I have done with my feature-film) but we can only learn from the past and guess the future. Smith may be taking a risk, and lashing out at those who don’t understand it (heck, he MisTweeted us, albeit in a very characteristic way, but unforgiving to the developing creators of a new age ) but I would like to see the climate for those who did not have their mountain handed to them. The Felica Day’s of the current world, a new face and new method, and honestly, a new ethos. I applaud Smith’s honesty about the industry, it only shatters the stars in my eyes and makes me work more pragmatically. If we can just enjoy what we’re capable of, rather than lust after the polished and glimmered lifestyle of ‘Hollywood’  won’t everyone benefit from the plethora of new entertainment, voices, and overall, quality of life?

Again, I thank you so much for what you have provided, and maybe, engaging me in a dialogue about this, myself, or other topics of interest. Please don’t take this as an underhanded way of pushing my own stuff, or looking for a leg up, I am just curious as to why one has an imbued sense of entitlement for an article, where another is on the rise, looking for a platform to express himself on. Thank you for your time.


Alexander Laferriere




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