Forced R&R
Sunday, September 25th, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Alex

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Finding myself in the throws of New Hampshire, in a beautiful mountain hotel, I am having a hard time recognizing if this time away from the full plate of work is a deterrent or not. Yet, scheduled months ago for a cousin’s wedding, this event was quickly approaching on the horizon. I always feel that events scheduled beyond 3 months in the future are so hard to really plan for since the tumbling of events forward always keeps the schedule in a mix. For example, The Podsmiths Network is in full swing and there is so much content on the workbench that needs some tooling for delivery, that months ago I would have no idea that where we are in the content delivery mode would have coincided with this Northern Wedding Retreat.

The drive north and the mingling with family crated those moments that “puts things in perspective”. While taking a hiatus is recharging, I still find myself sneaking away to… write this article, send some emails, and be rolling things around in my mind. I argue that this is the mark of a champion, and my focus and dedication are my own aspirations and current life commitment. Speaking of current life commitments, the wedding was fabulous. Another personal moment added to the chapters of history. Life can be such a personal journey, unique and special to ones self, yet very familiar and comparable. It always amazes me to think that a majority of your life is influenced by other things others have created.

The laptop I use, the porch I’m sitting on, the road that got me to the Hotel, all of these exist, have been created, and were thought about by some other form of consciousness. Would it be ‘right’ for someone to enjoy the labors of others without contributing back to the community of humanity? What about the opposite, the mindset to create something that rocks the masses to the core. This possible obsessive drive, to create something that impacts the most people, seems to be an interesting point of debate. Lets suppose there was someone who’s total interest was to be self-serving and hedonistic, they consume, they keep to themselves, and they produce nothing. Is this life one worth living? It seems to be easy. They work (sparingly), the pay taxes, they live very green and live within their means. That sounds pretty comforting. The opposite being the life of a producer: One who is constantly generating and creating, delivering and working (finances aside for a moment) they are working towards some arbitrary goal that they have set out for themselves. Is this life worth living?

The easy answer is the ‘life is a balance’ one. Obviously the shades of gray are the safest to dwell in, but if life is a series of 1’s and 0’s which hypothetical would you like to dwell in? I guess in the end, it pays having dates scheduled so far off in the future that it forces you to commit to a mindset you may not always be living. So maybe that weekend excursion away is one that will allow you to produce that painting you keep saying you’re gonna do, or write that book you keep rapping about, since clearly it’s not happening in the day-to-day moments. On the flip side, some ‘forced’ R&R might be what the doctored ordered.

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