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Alex- DoL

Alex Laferriere’s plunge into the film world can be attributed back to his High School Video Production teacher: Sean Cusick. With a simple Audio/Visual class, Alex’s imagination and creativity was further unveiled and free to reign. With the finishing of his high-school football career, Alex’s senior year was spent filming and making videos of epic, high-school proportions (read: bad) and gaming with his original outlet of creativity: Dungeons and Dragons.

With the maturity of college and the development of skill and dedication, the desire to further his storytelling abilities lead him to meet many unique individuals and gain many great stories, friends, allies, enemies and most importantly, this podcast.


Steve - Prodder

Steve DiTullio’s whole existence stems from his own self-indulgence. It is in his best interest to ride the coattails of director Alex Laferriere’s dreamcoster and hope he gains his own slice of the pie. Meeting on the football field in college and later an Economics class, Steve knew that Alex would be his meal ticket, and began to buy into this “Film Business” becoming a glorified gofer and earning the ranks of producer.

Steve’s greatest attributes, aside from his ego, are his tenacity and drive. As the counterpoint and other half of Open Lounge, his desire to gain the independent film world better exposure has enabled a multilayering of talents and parties, crossing paths through his ability to tie these threads together.. and in turn elevate his own status… so in the end, I guess it is just about him.


Brandon Vogel, an ancient advisor to Broken Wall Films. With an older perspective on life and a few more years in the corporate world, Brandon has provided many unique insights with his 4 extra years on this earth. Brandon’s interest range from wearing sweater-vests to ensuring proper moshing techniques  in the pit, don’t let his sharp smile and slick frames get the one over on you.

With the partnership of the young bucks, he has had the rejuvenated strength to help the bricklaying of an empire and stake a claim at greatness in the future… all the while ensuring an insertion of an inappropriate joke or two in the right(wrong) places.

Featured in: Episode 3: Knuckle Children



Jon Zoll: Man of legend and mystery. His adventures are irreplaceable but their existence is legendary. Zoll’s ability to pluck thoughts from the zone of the unbelievable lends to his unique style. The unfathomable blue mage that leads his existence through swirls of wisps, made from the finest of fibers and family jewels. Zoll has the uncanny nature of making things his own, even like this description of his.

With the breath of air, poisonous or otherwise, Zoll’s influence is undeniable… for better, worse, or leading to plump piles of pillowing peanuts, pluming pyres, and peaked pleasantries… and if this still isn’t making any sense, it must be Jon Zoll.

Featured in: Episode 7: Turtle Soup


Chris Johnson: pretty much a saying right from the 90’s “He’s all that and a bag of chips”. Not quite the sharpest wit in the tool shed, but he gets by on gettin’ by. Music is the game, and rockin’ the sweet tunes is what Chris does. His position in the world is regimented, cold hearted, and no frills- perfect for the latte slingin’ cesspool employment that bends to his mighty will.

Chris’ life journey is nothing but positive experiences and his own mind is the source of all his will, determination, and most importantly ego. An unstoppable force contained in an unbreakable bottle, watching this being is going to be entertainment…one way or the other.

Featured in: Episode 8: Jelly Jar Terrorist


Matt Heron Duranti and Sari Gagnon are two tandem stars on the rise. Excelling in their own field but not forgetting to stop and smell the roses. Two flowering buds that are destined for success, hopefully their interactions can set some people on the right path with their wizened words.

Cross-crossing and zig zagging, the pair can only give each other strength as they develop and support those around them. Unforeseen future, yet bright horizons await for the dynamic duo.

Featured in: Episode 16: Acting Pro


Rebecca Davis’ zeal and tenacity has paid in spades for her throughout her career. Being one of the only girls to be associated with the movie productions, it speaks volumes about her patience and dedication. Her stalwart attention to her craft enables her untold depths of endurance, which help with long days and zombie filled nights.

A true artist at heart, Rebecca’s journey is like many other actors, yet her association with her long time, childhood friends sets her apart, for her naturally gifted talents are rooted in realistic emotion, one she shares with these friends through the years.

Featured in: Episode 18: Shaking the Spear


Sarah Neslusan is as sharp as a tack and would toss a handful of ‘em at you if you gave her enough lip. This smart whip can hang with the rest of ‘em, even when they’re not as bright as her and still make ‘em feel grateful. Her attitude is refreshing and her wink rejuvenating, just don’t get too enamored because she’s a woman with a plan and on the move.

Hustling across the planet in pursuit of the great passion, this class clown isn’t wasting her time clowning around. Listen in on her speak about the finer things in life and yet deliver the darker comedy at the drop of a hat.

Featured in: Episode 19: Perfectly Proscenium


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